Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

There is always a better way at Pill Box. We now have a program that will assess all of the medications an individual is taking, and note potential interactions and side-effects.
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Diabetes Education

The Pill Box’s goal is to empower diabetics with the knowledge they need to make life-saving changes and choices regarding their diabetes.

Our diabetes educator, Denise Schue RPH, is a pharmacist with specific training to help patients understand and control diabetes. She is a diabetes educator and a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, as well as the Northern Indiana Association of Diabetes Educators.

Our Diabetes Education Program is geared for someone new to diabetes. Prior to the first session time is taken to individualize the program to meet needs of each attendee. The program involves four 1-hour sessions. Most often your physician will write a prescription to receive services. However, you can also call the Pill Box and ask about attending the program without a prescription. Please feel free to call with your questions. Classes are by appointment.

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Medication Reminder Boxes

That confusing mix of pharmacy bottles on your countertop can be more than just a nuisance, it can be the difference between staying healthy and winding up in the hospital.

Our solution to Medication Bewilderment is a Pill Box Medication Reminder Box. A Medication Reminder Box organizes all your medications in one container. This system allows the patient to have all their daily medications in an easy to identify container. Having a Reminder Box prepared and delivered every week will eliminate confusion and the need for multiple trips to the pharmacy.

Charges for this service:
Initial Setup Charge: $26.85 (includes 3 Reminder Boxes)
Weekly Charge: $5.00/week to prepare Reminder Box

Pick up Reminder Box at Pill Box Thursday through Saturday for no additional charge
Or have Reminder Box delivered within our delivery area: $5.00/week

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If you’re interested in any of the services Pill Box has to offer, please call us today at 574-267-4900.