Our Pharmacy

You aren’t just another customer. You have individual needs. You need answers to your specific questions. And most importantly, you want to know you can rely on your pharmacy in your time of need.

Pharmacy Services We Offer:

Pill Box values you. We take your trust in us seriously. We know you have a lot of choices, and we appreciate that you’ve chosen us.

We offer a variety of ways to elevate your pharmacy experience, and we are confident we have at least one feature you can’t live without:

Drive-Thru Access

Pick up your medication without leaving the comfort of your vehicle!

At-Home Delivery

Need the convenience of your medication delivered directly to your home? We can do that.

Rx2Go App

Request refills on the go by downloading this app for your mobile device.

Text Reminders

Let us text you the minute your medicine is ready for pick-up.

Routine Vaccines

Flu, shingles, pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis A & B, tetanus, whooping cough

Natural Supplements

CBD oil, OrthoMolecular Products, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils

Easy Rx Transfer

Complete our Easy Prescription Transfer form to take the hassle out of transferring your prescriptions to Pill Box.

Reminder Boxes

Let us organize all of your medications each week into one easy container for just $5 a week! Call us at 574-267-1212 for more information.

Medication Therapy Management

Our pharmacists can sit down with you to review your current medication list for potential side-effects and interactions. Call us at 574-267-1211 for more information.

Long-Term Care Prescriptions Services

Are you or your loved one being admitted into a long-term care facility? We can fill your prescriptions and deliver them directly to the facility.

Travel Vaccines

Have an upcoming trip? Tell us where you’re traveling to, and we’ll handle determining and administering your needed vaccine(s).

Medicare Part D Consultations

If you are entering or renewing Medicare, we can help you choose the best plan for you. Each meeting is 1-on-1. Schedule today!


If you’re on more than one medication, we can help sync your refills to all fall on the same day each month. Ask us how!

Have questions? We’re here to help!

If you have questions about any of the services we offer, please call our specialists at 574-267-4900 or send us a question through our Contact Page