Our Pharmacists

Jerrold Blocher, RPh

  • College Attended: Purdue University
  • Career Highlights:
    • Becoming the Pharmacist-In-Charge at Pill Box Pharmacy.
    • Having the ability to be accessible to help Pill Box patients achieve better health outcomes everyday.
  • Family: Married with one child
  • Jerrold wants you to know: Your local pharmacist isn’t just for clinical drug info, but a great asset to save you money on your drug costs.  Almost all vaccines that are given at a pharmacy are NOT live; 2 out of 17 vaccines we offer are live (MMR and Varicella).

Heather Eherenman, RPh

  • College Attended: Purdue University
  • Career Highlights:
    • I was a pharmacy manager for more than 10 years but love being able to now spend more time with my kids and doing a part time job I love
    • My favorite part of being a pharmacist is educating patients on how their medications works and seeing them improve their health.
  • Family: Married and mom to one girl and two boys
  • Heather wants you to know: Your pharmacist can also provide you with helpful information regarding non-prescription items like vitamins, CBD oil, supplements, and essential oils. And make sure you tell your pharmacist about any vitamins, supplements, or over the counter medications you take to ensure they don’t interfere with your prescription medications!

Bill and Sherry Winn, RPh

  • College Attended: Butler University College of Pharmacy
  • Career Highlights:
    • Bought Mentone Pill Box in 1979 with absolutely no previous business experience, and survived.
    • Started the areas first Home IV Pharmacy service (Option-Care) in 1987.
    • I have shared all my pharmacy experiences with my wife Sherry. She brings a whole “skill-set” to our business that I lacked. We started out taking Pharmacy Classes together and then transitioned into working together.
  • Family: We have 3 children: Ashley and his wife, Weishan in Shanghai, China; Greg and his wife Lena in Warsaw. They have three children – Annika, Leo and Will; Tracie and her husband Justin in Indianapolis. They have three children as well – Mae, Violet, and Lou.
  • Bill wants you to know: I love being a Pharmacist. I love helping folks make sense of their medications and hopefully reducing their concerns about health related problems they are facing. It has also been a real blessing to have been able to work most of my career with my wife and in recent years, with my son, Greg.

Tiffany, RPh

  • College Attended: Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Tiffany wants you to know: At Pill Box, we try our best to answer all of your questions and concerns and save you money by giving you fair pricing on your medication.

Our Respiratory Therapists

David Baltosser

Respiratory Therapist

Dreama Lozier

Respiratory Therapist

Our Certified Fitter

Sally Cripe

Licensed Certified Fitter

Our Owner and President

Greg Winn

Owner and President