CPAP Can Be Confusing. We’re Here for You.

Pill Box Pharmacy maintains a full-time staff of Respiratory Therapists (RTs) to accommodate your CPAP needs. Our RTs can get you setup with a new CPAP, BiPAP, or VPAP Adapt machine. They also are available to help with mask fittings and any difficulties you are encountering with your therapy.

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Need Replacement CPAP Supplies?

To bill your health insurance, we’ll need 3 pieces of documentation.

  1. Detailed Written Order signed and dated by your doctor.
  2. Signed Chart Notes from your most recent doctor’s visit.
  3. A Download from your CPAP machine.

Documentation is valid for 12 months.  Pill Box can provide you with CPAP supplies over the next 12 months without obtaining any additional paperwork from you or your doctor.

1. Detailed Written Order

Visit Pill Box to obtain a Detailed Written Order Form, and take this form to your doctor to have them sign and date the form.

2. Chart Notes

Request from your family doctor or pulmonologist a signed and dated copy of your chart notes from your last doctor’s appointment.  This appointment needs to have occurred less than 12 months ago, and the notes must indicate that your doctor spoke to you about CPAP usage.

Request your note a few days after your appointment for best results.

3. A Download from your CPAP Machine

Just bring the SD card from your CPAP device into Pill Box, and a member of our Home Medical team will run a report of the most recent usage data from your CPAP machine.  Health insurance requires that over the last 30 nights you have used your CPAP for at least 4 hours per night for at least 70% of the nights.

Chart notes and a download are not required if you are a Medicare beneficiary and you have received a certificate of ownership from Pill Box for your CPAP machine. A Detailed Written Order IS required once every 12 months.

CPAP Resupply

Contact us to discuss the best resupply method for you.
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